Will I be able to sleep all night ever in my life? Why is my baby not sleeping through the night? What sleep tips for baby are to be followed? Why is my baby’s sleep so inconsistent? Am I doing anything wrong? Should I not nurse to sleep?

Thinking about these questions is absolutely normal! I also had the same questions going through my mind and I would literally google all the time about the sleep tips for baby! I would watch YouTube videos about the sleep time routine of infants, followed Instagram pages of sleep experts and what not!

After going through everything, I learned that everything will be fine and all will be good eventually! And it happened! Bilal is one year old now and is sleeping through the night! 😁

I will share with you some tips which worked for us. These may not work for you or you might have tried all these but in vain. However, give yourself and your infant some time and be assured everything would work beautifully in the end.

Sleep Tips for baby THAT WORKED FOR US

TAKE SHIFTS : During the first month of Bilal, hubby was on paternity leave and we took shifts at night to feed Bilal. That made life much easier!

As per doctor’s recommendation, in the first month an infant needs to be fed every 2 hours or on-demand whichever is earlier. And it was being impossible for me to wake up every 2 hours, feed him, burp him then put him to sleep.

So we resorted to taking shifts! I would pump the milk and store it for hubby’s turn to feed Bilal. Below is an example of how we took shifts at night.

11 PMMom feeds the baby, pumps the milk, put the baby to sleep and then goes to sleep
1 AMDad feeds the baby, puts him to sleep and goes to sleep
3 AMMom wakes up and feeds the baby, pumps the milk, put the baby to sleep and then goes to sleep
5 AMDad wakes up, feeds the baby, puts him to sleep and goes to sleep

This way each of us would get 4 hrs of sleep at a stretch and that was much of a relief!

SWADDLING IS KEY : Infants have Moro reflex in which they get startled during sleep! It’s normal and would go away when the baby reaches 2-3 months of age. But this reflex disturbs the little one’s sleep and leaves the parents sleep deprived! Swaddling is effective in keeping them from startling by restricting the movements of their arms.

It is the best way to make feel baby protected and to prevent his sleep from getting interrupted! I swaddled Bilal during the first month using swaddles and then used the HALO sleep sack! It made him sleep longer and would serve as a blanket too!

SET A NIGHT TIME ROUTINE : Human beings are creatures of habit and we learn things if we do them regularly. Babies are no different. Instead they are very adaptive and learn things quickly. A consistent sleep routine will help them learn that it’s night and time to sleep!

Our sleep routine for Bilal was to

  • Dim the lights after 7 pm
  • Change his diaper
  • Swaddle him or make him wear a sleepsack
  • Turn on the sound machine
  • Nurse him!

We followed this routine consistently at same time everyday and Bilal would sleep for 4 to 5 hrs at a stretch before waking up for his night feeds.

CO- SLEEP IF IT WORKS FOR YOU: In India parents co-sleep with their babies and find that very comfortable! Here in USA, babies are trained to sleep on their own in a crib away from parents right from the age of 2-3 months.

It purely is your choice to decide what works for you and your baby!

If co-sleeping with an infant, one has to follow the safety measures and make sure the baby is safe during sleep to prevent SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

We co-sleep with Bilal and thankfully it was much easier for me to feed him lying down. I would just pop in my breast in his mouth when he tried to wake up at night and both of us would sleep. It was easy but some nights it was so difficult when he wanted to nurse continuously!

BE PATIENT : Being a parent is not a easy job! It requires extreme patience especially for moms who are going through the postpartum blues already. But as I said earlier, everything will fall into place eventually!

This seems to be tiring now but you are certainly going to miss these days later in life when your baby grows up and can sleep on his own without needing you anymore! You will miss his warmth and cuddles! So make most of it and just go with the flow!

It’ll be more difficult if you are a working mom but you and your baby will make it work! Just be patient and talk to your baby! Yeah, they understand! I always talked to Bilal and told him how I felt if he doesn’t sleep at night and he would sleep longer the next night! Give some time to yourself and your little one and everything will turn out to be perfect!! ❤️

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