Ahh! Finally, the last trimester and the time to meet your little one is soon approaching. I was very excited and nervous during my last trimester and was counting weeks! My schedule for the whole last trimester was to do shopping online or offline and to research about labor and delivery. But apart from this, there were a lot of other important things to do in the last trimester which I was not aware of and regretted not knowing them!

Bilal was born in the 36th week, a month earlier than the due date and I was totally unprepared. So my advice to you is to be prepared at least a month before the expected due date because you never know when your little munchkin is gonna pop out!

Here is a list of important things to do in the last trimester in order to get prepared to welcome your newborn.

Important Things to do in the Last Trimester:

Hospital Tour

It is very important to have a tour of your hospital as it is always good to be familiar with the labor room, nursery, and the hospital environment. You can also collect information from the hospital regarding their policies in case of emergency or labor.

Wash baby’s clothing

The new clothes have chemicals and the fabric can be an irritant to the newborn’s sensitive skin. So it is better to wash the clothing and bedding before using it for the baby. Wash the clothes in the baby detergent which is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Assemble baby gear

This is a fun task to do with your husband. Stroller, crib, baby swing or rocker or any other gear requiring assembly should be assembled before the baby is born. Do this at least a month before the EDD.

Shop for the baby

This is the thing every parent would do before the baby arrives. Shop for the clothes and all the newborn essentials either online or offline. Make a checklist of essential things to make it easier to keep a track of shopping and not miss out on anything.

Pack the hospital bag

Keep the hospital bag ready in order to avoid the chaos after the labor starts. Pack all the essentials you will need during your stay in the hospital and also clothing and stuff for your baby. Prepare a list of things to be packed in your hospital bag.

Create a birth plan

A birth plan has all the information regarding your medical preferences during labor and delivery. You can discuss it with your practitioner and keep it ready so that it will be handy for the attending doctor and nurses to know your preferences during the active labor.

Install the car seat

The hospital will not allow you to take the baby home without a car seat. Don’t keep it for the last minute as it will be trickier to install. It is better to keep the car seat ready and installed.

Choose the baby’s name

You might have done this already but if not then try choosing a beautiful name for your baby as it will be required to complete the formalities and paperwork after baby’s birth.

Stock-up on personal and baby supplies

You will be needing a lot of sanitary pads, underwear, and nursing bras. And the baby will be needing diapers and wipes. So stock up on these to avoid the last-minute hassles!

Choose pediatrician

Talk to your friends or neighbors to help you choose the pediatrician for your baby. Make sure that the doctor is in your insurance network. Your baby will have his first appointment with the pediatrician a week after his birth, so it is better to choose one beforehand.

Infant care classes

If you are a first-time parent and are worried about taking care of your newborn, then it is better to join an infant care class. The classes teach you about baby care, breastfeeding and other important things regarding the infant.

These are the most important things to do before welcoming your baby. Get prepared and wait for your little bundle of joy to arrive and fill your life with happiness! 🙂

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